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Freedom Advocate - News Columnist - Fiction Writer - American Patriot

Graham lives in central North Carolina. He was raised in the city of Asheboro, home of the NC Zoological Park. Immersing himself in literature is what led him to the conclusion that freedom itself is under attack and has been eroded slowly and steadily in the past one-hundred years.

"The Declaration of Independence was written by a slaveholder who understood the perverted irony of the words he was writing. He worked with other founders to make an attempt to eradicate the plague of slavery. Madison did his best to help Jefferson achieve the ideals set forth in the Declaration, but the culture was too sick to be cured at the time. We have never fully achieved those ideals, but we have come closer than any country known to man. Especially in the past century, there has been a factual, demonstrable conspiracy to rid the US of individual liberties and merge our people into a system of global control. My main aim in life is to question authority and dig deep. I try my best to wade through the quagmire of lies and find the truth."

Graham has dedicated immeasurable hours of his life reading colossal tomes of history, religion, philosophy, and various fiction novels. "I've read quite a bit. I read local, state, national, and global news every single day," he has stated.

The primary webpage that Graham uses to pontificate and philosophize is His aim is to work towards building a radio program to speak out about issues he thinks are relatively unknown to the general public but that are absolutely essential for a growth in basic awareness of the threats our country faces.

Graham has written several novels and one dystopian short story that is publicly available. "The Cave" depicts a nightmare vision of American future and lays out a scheme that the elites very well may resort to in a desperate attempt to override the public awakening that is postponing and threatening their plans for oligarchical control.

The image above is a photograph of Graham taken on the grounds of the Richmond Capitol, beside a statue that depicts numerous US founders. George Washington is the primary figure depicted at the top of the statue, but one of Graham's heroes - VA Governor Patrick Henry - is directly behind Graham in the shot.

"I'm holding my hand like that for a reason," said Helsabeck, when questioned about the image. "I decided to fight for Liberty."


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